Yummy Mummy

When I gave birth to my first daughter, my mother-in-law told me:  “Now you have a husband and a child, so you don’t need to look after yourself anymore. You can freely put on weight.” But it wasn’t my plan. I felt better than ever and I intended to keep it that way.

Firstly, I lost pregnancy kilograms very quickly. I put on my old jeans when taking the baby to the 5 days checkup. Yes, a bit lose jeans with stretchy waist, but still. I was proud of it. Secondly, my skin wasn’t affected by stretch marks. That was also a nice surprise. The eating routine I started at the beginning of pregnancy brought its fruit. I evidently ran on a right track. So why should I change something that was working for me?

The best of all, I suddenly felt confident. I didn’t care about a kilogram here and there, I ignored a bit of hanging skin on my tummy – I was a mother, so what! Kilograms will come and go, the skin can stretch back. And if not, who cares? I gave birth to a lovely little girl and I was here to watch her, not myself.

The skin eventually stretched back and kilograms went as well. In this section, I will discuss some tips how to eat when pregnant and how to feel good about yourself as a busy mother. Again: naturally, without exercise.


Me as mum