Weight loss tips

If you’re looking for tips how to lose weight naturally, permanently and without exercise, I suppose you’re not after fitness diet plans based on green smoothies and protein meals. You’re not a fan of fitness videos – you may like them for the cool background music and well shaped instructors, but you’re not keen to follow their example yourself. And you’re probably not intending to swap your beloved spaghetti for the super healthy quinoa.

You just want to shred some pounds, feel better about yourself and feel lighter when moving around. And most importantly, you don’t want to gain all the weight back in a yo-yo effect after a “starving to death” diet.

Funny diet quote cave manSome people aren’t into sport, no matter how you try to motivate them. Some people hate spinach, no matter how you prepare it. We’re all different and we all have different tastes. We should respect our taste and nature even when trying to lose weight. We just need to approach it wisely.

I don’t go to gym. Sometimes, I make a resolution I’ll exercise at home. Half an hour every day. It’s not even a week and my resolution is forgotten. I also sometimes order pizza when the day turns to be too hectic. And I still don’t wake up two kilograms heavier the next morning. Why?

There’s a lot to say and explain. That’s why I started this blog. All the tips how to lose weight naturally, permanently and without exercise will be posted into this category.