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Top 7 diet clichés websites copy from each other

When you’re browsing the female magazines and fitness websites, the advice about how to lose weight will be always more less the same. Is it because there’s really nothing else to do than eating proteins and exercising? No. It’s because copying is the fastest way how to write an article. Have a look at seven diet clichés that get copied from site to site, without editors thinking a bit further:

1. Take egg white omelette for the breakfast. (Someone even added into parentheses: egg whites are healthier than yolks.)

My question is – what are you doing with the yolks? Do you flush them down the drain? If you do so, then you’re wasting a dose of vitamins A,D,E K and B12 along with beneficial omega-3 fats. Egg whites contain protein, but that doesn’t make yolks less healthy.

2. A typical diet plan snack: 1 apple

Why not two? Or three? Eating fresh fruit and vegetables doesn’t affect your weight, no matter how much you stuff in. Of course, if you eat ten apples at one time, you may experience other problems than weight worries, but that would be a different discussion.

3. Sweet fruit like bananas or grapes will make you fat

People really believe it. In fact, there’s no need to avoid sweet fruit, unless you have diabetes. It can calm down your sweet tooth when you feel down with energy, and it provides you with lots of vitamins and minerals without making you fat. Just for comparison – a cup of grapes contains aprox. 62 calories, which is the same energy value as the one provided by a cup of apple slices. An average banana carries about 100 calories, comparing to 250 calories hidden in a 50g chocolate bar.

4. If you follow the diet plan very responsibly, you can reward yourself with 2 blocks of chocolate on Sunday (ideally, this chocolate will be containing 70-90% cocoa)

Ughh… How can you expect someone to eat only 2 blocks of chocolate and leave the rest in the cupboard? If I get a chocolate into my hands, I eat the whole slab. And it won’t be the 70% cocoa one, as I genuinely cannot afford it, so it’ll be my favorite milk chocolate with hazelnuts. The thing is, I don’t buy it every day. I would be in mood for it, lets say, once in two or three weeks time.

5. The worst thing you can do for your diet is to starve the whole day and then clean the fridge as you come home.

Well, this really depends on what’s in your fridge. However if you eat home made meals full of fresh ingredients, it actually doesn’t matter if you consume them before 5pm or later. And going hungry during the day cannot make anyone fat – it can just damage your stomach a bit… yeah, and you’ll probably experience weakness and headache. So rather do take some snacks, please.

6. White bread is your worst enemy.

I think bread deserves its own article. For now, you can read an analysis of British Nutrition Foundation. I would just add that white bread will become your worst enemy only if you consume the whole loaf with one or two peanut butter jars every day (laughing? Unfortunately, it’s a routine of many morbidly obese people).

7. The last one is my favorite: it’s actually not a cliché, as I saw it only once in a Czech female magazine. It was probably translated from English, as many other articles of this type.  Do you love coffee with milk? You don’t need to give it up. This easy trick will make your cup healthier and you can still enjoy what you love: instead of adding milk, add a bit of water! How easy! Yummy! I’m sure you won’t even taste the difference!

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