People often ask me how I do it. I’m almost forty, I’m a mother of two, my BMI has been 20 for past twenty years (excluding the two pregnancies) and I still fit the clothes I bought at the times when I went to college. I don’t go to the gym, I’m not following any special diet… and guess what! I love food!

I know what you think. Another lucky bitch with a fast metabolism. It’s in her genes. But no, I wouldn’t say that. I actually inherited chubby genes from my mom’s side of family and struggled with unwanted kilograms during my teenage years. Considering my father, he’s been vegetarian since he turned 25, so his body never had chance to get fat as he’s been a rabbit, living on greens and watching his diet very carefully.

So it’s not about the genes and inherited metabolism. It’s really about what you eat, how much you eat and what you do. Doctors and nutritionists can give you a perfect balanced menu for the whole month, you can download hundreds of diet plans available on internet, you can read plenty of books about healthy eating. All of them will more less work. If you follow them.

And this is the main problem – what one is able to follow, other one isn’t. We all are different and nobody can simply come up with a universal formula that will apply on everybody and solve the obesity problem of developed world in general. We’re not dull or uninformed, we know what we’re supposed to eat and do – but apart of models and sport stars whose precise diet and regular workout is part of their job, people tend to stick to their routine and habits. To be honest, I’m not such a healthy eater myself.

I decided to start this blog to analyze how I really managed to keep my weight without dieting, without exercise and without starving. And to explain to others what does it mean if a bitch with BMI 20 tells you: “I eat normal.”

My advice won’t be always in accordance with current WHO recommendations, but it’ll always come out of personal experience and natural taste.


Me at 37