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Positive eating: How to lose weight naturally without dieting

When trying to lose weight, we torture ourselves with the list of forbidden food and feel guilty about all our bad habits. Every diet gets soon limited to “Do” and “Do not”. “You must” and “You mustn’t”. That’s not really natural. Nobody likes to take orders, unless you’re a soldier. If you want to lose weight naturally without dieting, you have to eat what you love, not what you hate.

That’s why we should rather slide our mind to a more positive level and start analyzing if there is something we’re actually doing good.

For example, if I think of my good habits and healthy tastes:

– I don’t have a deep fryer

To someone it may sound shocking, but I never felt a need to have one. I fry in a pan or in oven on a bit of oil, and keep turning.

– I hate mayo

Not many people understand that. After hearing fifty times “this mayo is a different mayo”, “this one is a real mayo from France”, “I’ve put there just one little spoon, you won’t even taste it” or “this mayo doesn’t taste like mayo at all” – I’m rather saying I have an allergy to it.

– I like the taste of tea without sugar

That’s a big advantage when choosing what to drink during the day, especially in winter time.

– I always smuggle some veggies into my supper

I’m not a big meat eater and actually prefer vegetable dishes. However when I cook for my family, I make a compromise and include both meat and veggies into the meals.

– I hate fat around the meat

In this case I can’t compromise. I cut it all off. If my hubby wants the crunchy fatty edges around his steak, I do his piece of meat separately, or he must do it himself.

– I love watermelon

And grapes and clementines and peaches and pears and basically all the fruit you can name. It’s lovely, sweet, refreshing, juicy and it can be eaten just like that, without any preparation.

I’m sure you’ll come up with your own positive list. Everybody does something wrong in his diet, but everybody does surely something right as well. If we stick to our good habits and make the healthy food we love the base of our eating routine, we’ll be able to lose the weight naturally, without marking it as a diet.

So concentrate on your good side. If there is something healthy you like, eat it. If a diet says you must eat cabbage soup and you really hate cabbage, such a diet won’t work for you, even if you blend it and close your eyes when eating. Base your diet on healthy food you really enjoy to eat. Don’t have bad thoughts after you didn’t resist that piece of chocolate. Instead of punishing yourself with starving, buy yourself a nectarine.

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