Happy child

Baby eating water melon Some people say you’ll stop watching your diet when having a child. With me, it was quite opposite. I started to pay attention what I eat and I learned to read labels when I became pregnant with my first baby. And it wasn’t because I was scared I would pick up too much weight. I did it for that one inside me.

My single life used to be terrifying when it came to eating. It was from school to work, from work to pub, sometimes from pub to school… My daily diet consisted of one meal made by my mom, consumed around midnight, and by lots of coffee, beer and cigarettes. No wonder I lost eight kilograms in three months time! And when my boyfriend took me out for a dinner, I ate hardly half of the plate. My stomach was wasted. And so was I.

Pregnancy literally saved me. It meant the end of smoking and drinking – and it meant the beginning of healthier eating. When doctors told me I had lack of iron in my system, I started eating clementines and sprout soup. It helped instantly. And when I fell pregnant with my second daughter, my iron level was normal from the beginning.

I also realized that it’s much more motivating to cook for someone else, no matter if that person is inside you or outside. You do it for a reason. For a right reason.

And as your children grow, by cooking fresh, home made meals, you set them an example of a good habit. Remember, they copy you. You can hardly teach them what’s healthy if you don’t do it yourself.

This section is dedicated to the tips what to eat in pregnancy and how to cook for babies and children, so that healthy food feels natural to them even when they grow up.

We as parents make many mistakes. But we can always try our best to learn together with our children. It’s never late to learn.