Easy and fast recipes

One of the crucial steps towards healthier eating is to cook your meals yourself. By preparing your own supper you have the absolute control over the ingredients, and what’s even better, you can burn some calories only by moving around the kitchen!

Alarming statistics of past couple of years revealed that only 60% of Americans make their suppers at home in comparison to 75% in 1980. In the UK, 889million sandwiches and 1.6 billion ready meals are consumed for supper every year.

I have no time and I can’t cook

These are the two most common reasons why is cooking busy disappearing from our households.

By watching popular cooking shows, we tend to believe cooking requires special skills. Yes, if you want to be a professional chef, you will have to do some intensive training and have some specific knowledge. But your home made meal doesn’t need to look like a plate served in a restaurant. You want it to be tasty, filling and sort of healthy. Our grandmothers didn’t go to cooking schools and all of them could cook… So can we.

Why to make it complicated if it can be simple

When presenting recipes on Internet, even if it’s easy recipes for the beginners or easy half an hour recipes for busy moms, many authors feel they must come up with something “special”. Like if they believed everybody was already fed up with common dishes like pasta with meatballs or mash potatoes. They include unusual ingredients into their recipes to look different and distinctive. But there is no reason for that.

Unless you eat it every day, you won’t get fed up with a “normal” dish. You don’t need to make something special every night. And you don’t need to stand desperately in the middle of supermarket with a piece of paper, asking the shop assistant for something you can’t even properly pronounce.

Cooking can be simple and tasty at the same time

I’m a working mother with no time and I cook almost every night. My profession lies in PC keyboard, not in kitchen, and Gordon Ramsey would probably faint if he saw me with the pan in action. Still, my family likes to eat what I make and that’s the most important thing.

So I decided to share the recipes that I really cook at home. Some of them are coming from my mum and grandmother, some of them are inspired by my vegetarian father, some of them have a hint of healthy Mediterranean kitchen. But all of them have one thing in common – they are adjusted to the busy day schedule of a working woman that’s coming home after 5 o clock, starving.

And you know what? These meals didn’t make me fat over years. Even if they don’t look like being taken from a diet book.