Mother and baby

5 reasons why is motherhood so sexy

Did you notice that many moms in their 30’s appear to be more attractive than much more younger girls? And it’s not always related to their body shape. Here are 5 main reasons why can you feel sexy as a mother, regardless your figure:

1. You’re more confident. Your body imperfections are credited to pregnancy. Nobody expects from a mother to have a body like a 20year old model.

2. For men, you’re a bigger challenge, and that’s hot. If you’re in a relationship, you’re a forbidden fruit and they can only silently admire you from a distance. If you’re single, they don’t need to be afraid you’re hunting them just for their sperm. Your biological clock isn’t on alert anymore and you’re not desperate.

3. You don’t worry that much about what will people say, because by now you know there’s always somebody that has something to say.

4. By running around your baby you’re doing some kind of exercise, which is better for your body than no exercise at all.

5. Although you’re tired as never before, you have a reason to be happy. Inner happiness brings out the greatest charm.

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